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Our service includes:

01 Authorizathions for test roads and service areas use
02 Use of our Organizer license, provided by Italian ASN
03 Test roads and service areas preparation
04 Security service, carried out by official and licensed marshals
05 Test organization and coordination by our company personnel
06 Payment of all the fees for test roads and service areas use
07 Radios, fire extinguishers and all it needs for the maximum safety 
08 Gravel roads repair after tests
09 Test plan (pdf file sent by e-mail)
10 Road books, maps and information to reach the test locations
11 Weather report for every test day
12 Test insurance
13 Ambulance and its crew on site for the duration of the tests
14 Hotel reservations
15 Lunch and dinners reservations for teams, crew and guests
16 Dismantling and cleaning of the test roads at the end of the tests

Further services available:

 - Night security
 - Extra authorizathions for trucks
 - Catering
 - Photographic services and professional videos
 - Wet road machine for rain tests
 - Time keeping
 - Night tests and snow tests
 - Promotional Events Organization